Silk City – the duo of Mark Ronson and Diplo – shared a new track with Ellie Goulding. “New Love” comes with a playful music video by Anna Sting. Check out Goulding at a lively nightclub in the clip below.

“New Love” is Silk City’s first release since 2018. “I’m always thrilled to be going back to the studio with Mark,” Diplo said in a press release. “We’ve been exchanging ideas since the beginning of Silk City and we finally found the time to bring some of them to life. We put out this classic house record and Ellie was kind enough to give it her voice. “

“I love the music that comes out when Wes and I get together,” said Ronson. “It has a joy that is different from anything I work on. I’ve known Ellie for over ten years and it’s great to finally do something together. Her voice has such a pure tone that it cuts through everything. “

Of the collaboration, Goulding added:

I’ve known Mark and Wes for years and it just seemed right to make a tune together at a time when we all need to dance and be free, even if we’re just in our kitchen. The song is about losing yourself, not having to be seen, and knowing that whoever escaped can be just as happy. The main concept is to dance alone without being seen.

Ellie Goulding released her fourth studio album, Brightest Blue, last year. The delirium followed in 2015.

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