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It’s a new year and with that we know many of you have goals in order to really take your podcast to the next level! Our team is always looking for ways to support just that. So we’re excited to start our 2020 Podchaser Partnership!

What is Podchaser?

In short, Podchaser is like the IMDb of podcasting with a social level. Podchaser offers a wide range of features including podcast and episode reviews, user curated lists, custom categories, over four million creator and guest credits, the ability to follow friends, podcasts and creators, and much more. With their up-to-date activity feed feature, users can see all of these activities in real time, resulting in more discovery. It really is awesome!

One click distribution

What does this partnership mean for you? While Podchaser is a great platform to easily distribute your podcast to (via ours) One click distribution), it’s actually much more than that! Before we dive into these benefits, however, there is an easy way to extend the reach of your podcast by distributing it to podchasers.

How to distribute your podcast to podchasers via CMS:

Our special distribution CMS page makes syndicating your podcast easy and clear. Once you’ve chosen where to distribute, we’ll review all of the requirements for you and make sure your podcast is ready to go.

  1. Access Spreaker’s CMS and select your podcast.
  2. Click the Distribution option in the menu on the left.
  3. Select the podcast distribution platform of your choice and click Submit. We’ll do the rest.

To distribute your podcast to podchasers using Spreaker Studio (Android or iOS):

Not only can you distribute it through our CMS, but you can also share it through the Spreaker Studio app.

  1. First, make sure you have downloaded the updated version of Spreaker Studio.
  2. Go to the Spreaker Studio app and select the podcast you selected.
  3. Access the list of distribution platforms.
  4. Just tap on the podcast distribution platform of your choice – we’ll do the rest.

Unique podchaser benefits

As mentioned above, you can distribute your podcast to podchasers (in the same place where you distribute your podcast to Apple, Spotify, etc.), but you have the option to go a step further when adding Creator Profiles and claim Your podcast on podchaser, Unlocking a range of resources to help you build your brand and reach new listeners.

Let yourself be discovered and receive feedback: Once you’ve claimed your podcast on Podchaser, you’ll receive notifications of new ratings and reviews for your podcast, giving you valuable feedback from listeners. Earn reviews to see your podcast move up the ranks of Podchaser’s podcast and episode podcasts. This activity will also be shown to other users through the activity feed, making your podcast accessible to new audiences.

Grow your personal brand: If you, as the mastermind behind your podcast, create a profile on Podchaser, you can showcase all of your work, even if you participated in the production of another podcast or appeared as a guest on another podcast! You can easily find other Podchaser users based on your interests and passions and get in touch with you.

Find guests and partners: Just as creating a profile in Podchaser allows you to be found by others, it’s an incredible search tool that you can use to find other hosts, guests, producers, editors, speakers, and actors. or just any type of collaboration you’re looking for!

Also, you can harness the power of these guests by adding credits to your episodes. That way, anyone who follows your guest will get a notification that they’ve been on your podcast.

Other ways to add to your podcast with Podchaser: There are tons of ways you can use Podchaser to expand your reach and attract new listeners. However, here are a few examples to get you started.

  • Invite listeners to rate and rate podchaser
  • Add creator and guest credits to your episodes
  • Link to your podchaser pages in your podcast notes (podcast, hosts, guests, etc.)
  • Check out this list for more ways to use Podchaser to build your audience

We believe Podchaser is incredibly beneficial to your podcast’s growth this year! The best part? This is just the beginning! We have big plans to bring you more collaborations, features, and opportunities to make 2020 the best year for your podcast.

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