Probably the biggest hit game of 2020 – Between us – is currently available for PC gamers in the Epic Games Store at the absolutely outstanding promotional price of … nothing! You certainly can’t beat this price for free Between us PC sharing.

That’s true. The game, which typically costs $ 5 on PC, is available for free until June 3rd. Players can use the cross-platform multiplayer. Even when friends are playing on Android, iOS or Nintendo Switch, everyone can join in the fun. The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions of the game will also support cross-platform multiplayer when released later this year.

The current promo is part of Epic’s Mega Sale, where a new mystery game is added for free every week. Last week’s title was NBA 2k21So it’s not just smaller games that are treated as giveaways. The promo runs until June 17th.

You can purchase your free copy of Among Us now from the Epic Games Store.