Ethel Cain shared another single from their upcoming Inbred EP. “Crush” comes with a grainy DIY visual. Check it out below.

“When you go to high school at a community college in rural Florida, you meet all kinds of crazy people,” Cain said in a press release on Crush. She continued:

At 16, I really had nothing to do with having week-long relationships with random 23-year-old Drifter students, but at the time I just thought they were so cool. You know, the dead stoner skater boys who definitely didn’t make it across the county line. It was out of utter innocence that I ever imagined a future with them, but damn it, if I don’t dream of them anyway. Good men die too and all that.

Inbreeding arrives on April 23rd via daughters of Cain. Last month Ethel Cain released the lead single “Michelle Pfeiffer” with emo trap artist Lil Aaron.