You’re probably reading this because you’re either obsessed with Marvel’s WandaVision or you’ve just started watching and have no idea what’s going on. If you use social media, you have most likely seen lots of TikTok videos of people dancing to an eye-catching tune similar to the theme song from the old cult classic The Munsters.

Now, without giving big spoilers to those who haven’t watched, I’ll explain who, or better yet, what it is, without revealing too much of the show itself. At WandaVision we understand that Wanda herself is in a contradicting relationship that separates itself from reality. Through all of this, however, Wanda found solace in her neighbor Agnes, also known as Agatha Harkness.

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In the comics, Agatha is not always portrayed as a villain. In fact, there are several references in which Wanda calls Agatha “Aunt Agatha”. Agatha Harkness is an old witch believed to be centuries old. Exactly how old Well, according to the Marvel Encyclopedia, she lived at least a few hundred years before Atlantis sank into the ocean about 20,000 years ago.

via Marvel Comics: Agatha Harkness, Avengers # 128

Which brings us to the story of the Salem Witches of Massachusetts. Harkness formed her own group of witches, later known as the infamous Salem Witch Trials. Agatha Harkness took this opportunity to position herself as an all-powerful sorceress. She also took this opportunity to get rid of any witches who did not have the power that she had cultivated.

How powerful is it?

via Marvel Comics

The short answer is that it is almost unstoppable. She even rose from the dead once before. After helping several witches to be captured and killed by hunters, Harkness married and had a son named Nicholas Scratch (whom she eventually denied). Her son, like herself, possessed magic.

Again, Harkness isn’t always a bad guy. There were times when she used her strength and magic to train others to help them defeat evil.

Agatha Harkness, the babysitter?

via Marvel Comics

What does a witch do with all her time and her mystical abilities? Of course, she’s babysitting the children of the world’s most powerful superheroes! She watched Reed Richard’s son Franklin and that’s how the Fantastic Four came into contact with the so-called Frightful Four – an evil version of the superhero group that Agatha Harkness had in her house!

Now that you know what kind of gimmicks she’s doing, you need to understand her connection with Wanda Maximoff.

Again Agatha Harkness and the Salem witches.

In short, the surviving witches from the Agatha Harkness parish sent witch hunters to want her dead body – and they somehow got it. They put her body on a burning stake and killed her. However, while Agatha burned, Wanda fought some of these witches and things got out of hand pretty quickly. Ironically, it was Agatha’s granddaughter Vertigo who was one of the people responsible for her capture and who lost control of her magical battle against Wanda. Wanda took this opportunity to gain more power and the ability to have her own children!

via Marvel Comics

What’s wrong with all that purple?

If you watch the show on Disney +, you may not have noticed that Agnes or Agatha Harkness wore a lot of purple. Not only is she wearing it because it’s her favorite color, but it means one of her deadliest weapons – the Wundagore Everbloom.

According to some fan theories, Agatha used the plant to keep Wanda under her spell all the time. In the series, she gives Wanda flowers, sprays “lavender” spray to make the twins’ sleep easier, and offers Wanda tea.

Agatha Harkness comes back to life!

via Marvel Comics

She just shows up without explanation and of course finds Wanda again. She magically trains and teaches Wanda and of course Wanda is grateful. But then Agatha wipes Wanda’s memory because she doesn’t want Wands to know that her children have been taken by Mephisto.

While Agatha isn’t your standard or your typical villain, she isn’t entirely trustworthy either.

Now that you know some of Agatha’s comic book backstories, what do you think the show will do to her character next? We know we are suspicious, even if she has been killed: she has come back from the dead before. We should also always be careful when she is around plants. Whatever happens to your character next, one thing is certain: your theme song will stay in our heads for a long time.