If you love to plan and hate leaving things until the last minute, our latest updates are for you!

At Spreaker, we know how much easier it is when you have the ability to get things done ahead of time, and podcasting is no different. This is exactly why we made it possible to share episode links, schedule social sharing, and embed episodes on your blog – all unpublished and all in advance.

Once you’ve recorded and created your podcast, you have the option to create one from now on planned episode page For future episodes, let your audience know when they can expect your next episode to be released. How far in advance can you go More than two years! The hold page will show the picture of your podcast and the exact time and date the episode goes live.

If you access your podcast’s link, you can too Share your unpublished episode with your audience in advance as you like, for example by email or website. It will allow you too Program your social media channels – You have the opportunity to promote each episode to the maximum. Last but not least, you can also paste unpublished episodes on your blogThis gives you complete flexibility in promoting upcoming episodes.

We also want to make it as easy as possible for you. You can find your episode links and embedded codes by accessing yours Content management system on the Spreaker homepage and all you have to do is copy and paste them where you want and promote your podcast as much as possible!

Have fun planning!