February 2 Blu-ray, digital, and DVD releases

Welcome to ComingSoon.net’s Blu-ray, Digital HD and DVD Column on February 2nd! We’ve highlighted this week’s releases in detailed descriptions of various titles below! Click any highlighted title to buy from Amazon!

New movies on Blu-ray / DVD

let him go
A retired sheriff and his wife mourned the death of their son in order to save their only grandson from a dangerous family.

Wild mountain thyme (DVD)
Rosemary wants to win Anthony’s love. Anthony, stung by his father’s plan to sell the farm in Ireland to his American cousin, is eventually brought to realize his dreams.

Six friends accidentally invite you to a demonic presence during an online session.

Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror
This documentary traces an indescribable history of black Americans through their connection to the horror film genre.

Born a champion
Dennis Quaid and Sean Patrick Flanery make headlines on this powerful underdog story about a beaten jujitsu fighter who gets a second shot at stardom when a rematch with his enemy is declared.

Injury (DVD)
Bruce Willis stars in the action-packed sci-fi thriller. While fleeing a devastating plague on Earth, an interstellar ark is attacked by a new threat. a shape-shifting alien force aimed at slaughtering the remains of humanity.

New editions

Dark intruder
In this film, Leslie Nielsen stars as Brett Kingsford, an occult expert who is used by the police to solve a series of murders in which a mystical statue is left at each crime scene.

The north man
Before Columbus was born, an 11th century Viking prince (Lee Majors) sails from Greenland to the unknown land we now call America in search of his father – a Norse king (Mel Ferrer) who was on a previous expedition was and was captured by the US fierce warriors of the Iroquois nation.

Soulful Delta R&B tells the story of a talented guitarist who seeks the soul of the blues in the hands of the devil.

Blind rage
Nick Parker (Rutger Hauer) is a blind Vietnam vet trained by local tribes to strengthen his remaining senses and now expertly wields a sword. On his return to the United States, he visits an old army buddy, Frank Devereaux (Terrance O’Quinn), but discovers that he and his family are in danger from a crooked casino boss. Nick has to save his friend’s son and avoid the henchman in order to pursue them.

A whole new school of thought comes from the producer of Bruce Almighty and Liar Liar: Accepted. When every college rejects him, Bartleby “B” Gaines decides to invent one.

New to Digital HD

Haymaker follows a retired Muay Thai fighter (Sasso) who works as a bouncer, rescuing a seductive transgender performer (Ruiz) from a vicious thug and eventually becoming her bodyguard, protector and confidante. The relationship results in Sasso’s character unexpectedly returning to the fight, risking not only his relationship but his life as well. It is a story about human dignity and love.

Miyagi (exclusive clip) (on VOD February 5th)
The Oscar-nominated actor, best known for his role as Miyagi-san, left a painfully illuminating autobiographical record of his far too short time here on earth. He followed his journey from bed as a boy to the bright lights and discrimination in Hollywood. An army of demons simmered deep inside this sweet, generous, and eclectic performer who couldn’t hide even alcohol and drugs.

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Payback (exclusive clip) (on VOD February 5th)
Mike Markovich, a young stockbroker for a mob-controlled Wall Street firm, is betrayed and jailed for six years. When released, his deadly quest for revenge begins.

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TV on Blu-ray and DVD

Sesame Street: Elmo’s World – Things Elmo Loves (DVD)
What do drawing, chickens, grandparents and elephants have in common? These are all things Elmo loves! The furry red monster on Sesame Street explores wonderful topics that kids love to ask about, including emotions, grandparents, bus drivers, drawing, fruit, and more!