The Bright Lands by John Fram

Imagine if Friday Night Lights were gay, murder, horror, and a shot of strange things in a homophobic city. Yeah great This also has, without a doubt, one of the most bananapantic endings I have ever read. So if you’re looking for a small-town crime thriller married to a horror novel, you’ve come to the right place!

Joel Whitley receives a strange message from his younger brother Dylan and returns home to the small town from which he could not have escaped quickly enough. It’s a football town and Dylan is the star quarterback. And he’s missing. Joel is very concerned, but it doesn’t seem like anyone else – at least not at first. Now Joel not only has to find out what happened to his brother and what happened to the city, he also has to relive his trauma because he grew up gay in a homophobic city and what made him flee and have not returned until now.

We follow a number of characters, and things get big and really go out, but there are a lot of important questions here that are centered around some things that I would like to get into, but you know the secrets and their secrets and spoilers …

(TW homophobia, blurring / suicide talk, detail / brief mentions of the case of domestic abuse, detail / fat burning / forced nude photos / required by law)