Mondo Records and Death Waltz Recording Co. reissue the soundtrack to Stanley Kubrick’s 1987 war drama Full Metal Jacket. The vinyl pressing will be released as part of Mondo and Death Waltz’s 10-year release campaign. The soundtrack of Full Metal Jacket is pressed on 140 grams of camouflage vinyl “Mother Green and Her Killing Machine”, with cover artwork by Alan Hynes. The sound tarck features music by Abigail Mead, with songs by Nancy Sinatra, the Trashmen, the Dixie Cups and more. Abigail Mead is the musical nickname of Kubrick’s daughter Vivian.

In addition to the regular reprints, there will also be 30 limited, hand-cast discs of the soundtrack. The Special Edition publications will include a two-pack of Army men and flags, with their own pocket and header cards signed and numbered by Alan Hynes. Twenty-five copies are for the Kubrick Estate and various people who worked on the release. The remaining five copies will be raffled off as part of a competition on Mondo’s social media channels.

At their 10th anniversary celebration, the label managers of Mondo and Death Waltz Recording Co. Mo Shafeek and Spencer Hickman said in a press release:

Ten years is a very long time. We never thought that our record making “jobs” would take so long. During that time we have compiled an incredible catalog of vinyl featuring some of the greatest composers of all time, and created new works of art with a list of incredibly talented artists for some of the most iconic and beloved films of all time. We work with everyone from the best-known major film and gaming studios to independents who are just starting out. We work with the most passionate and inspiring people one could ask for, but more importantly, we have found an incredible, supportive community of like-minded people that we are honored to be a part of. As two fans of film, score, and vinyl, we honestly can’t think of a better way to spend our working day. And if you think the first ten years were fun, just wait and see! We feel like we’re just getting started.

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