Half Waif shared a new song called “Take Away the Ache”. Nandi Rose’s latest track comes with a lyric video directed by Kenna Hynes. Check it out below.

“Take Away the Ache” follows Half Waif’s latest 7 “single with” Orange Blossoms “on the A-side and” Party’s Over “on the B-side.

“This is a song about the paradoxes of love,” said Rose of the new title in a press release. “How we ask each other for the impossible, how we promise what we cannot give. But I’m not being cynical about that – I actually find it quite remarkable. “She added:

It is an incredible feat of imagination and will how we help each other to turn our darkest moments into something bearable, like a game of shine. “It is not a pain,” one might say, “it is an ember.” And so we stay warm together by the fire of what we have created, lit by a sweet lie that makes everything right for a while. To love is to believe in some kind of magic.

Nandi Rose’s last Half Waif album was The Caretaker, which was released in 2020. Revisit Pitchforks Rising Interview “Half Waifs Restless Electro Pop”.