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Marc Brown’s Original Arthur is one of the greatest reading icons in our lives. Even his last name is Read! As a franchise that began as a children’s picture book series, Arthur later became a television show that regularly celebrated books and reading. Perhaps one of the most famous of those moments is Library Card, a song performed by the characters on the show at Arthur’s Almost Live Not Real Music Festival. This list includes Arthur accessories that, along with many others, are related to this scene.

Whether you like cute accessories like enamel pins or you want something more obvious like a t-shirt, Etsy shopkeepers have it all for you. Check out these Arthur accessories to find the perfect gift for the Arthur fan in your life and something for yourself.

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Your guide to Arthur accessories on Etsy

Do you love arthur Be Arthur! Grab a pair of these Arthur aardvark ears. $ 4

Spice up your shirt collar with this Arthurian academic lapel pin. $ 11

If Arthur is your thing, you’ll want this crochet pattern from Arthur. $ 3

Buddy around with this sticker from Arthur, DW and Buddy. $ 2

This Arthur charm is a must-have for expressing your love for everyone’s favorite aardvark. $ 8

Perfect for backpacks, lapels, lanyards and more, this Arthur Emblem lapel pin. $ 6

Combine your pin with this fun Arthur t-shirt. $ 25

Get all of your childhood nostalgia in one place (with an added side of internet meme culture) with this Arthur first Etch A Sketch art. $ 10

Then make your own Arthur Faust art with this cross stitch pattern. $ 5

Proclaim your love for libraries and Arthur with this library badge shirt (just make sure the song isn’t in your head). $ 18

Keep Arthur close to your heart with an Arthur Scrabble tile charm. $ 6

Laptops, water bottles, notebooks and wherever your imagination takes you, they are all perfect places for this Arthur sticker. $ 4

Start an Arthur sticker collection with an Arthur library card. $ 3

Do you have an attitude? A woodcut magnet from the true icon DW is just the thing. $ 9

Match your magnet to this sticker from DW, our favorite little sister. $ 5

Be a little more subtle with a side eye DW enamel pen. $ 10

Or get this matching sticker with the skeptical mug from DW. $ 4

Impress with Arthur accessories. Grab some cute, lightweight Arthur earrings. $ 8

Having fun isn’t hard when you have an enamel lapel pin with Arthur library card! $ 12

If Arthur accessories aren’t enough, you can find other book merchandise in our Book Fetish Archives.