Report: HBO Max’s Green Lantern Series May Film in April

Green Lantern’s live-action future has been questioned since Ryan Reynolds’ attempt to bring Hal Jordan to life was ridiculed in theaters in 2011. Yet the franchise’s shot at redemption is on the horizon. It’s been a few months since HBO Max announced they’d be developing a new one Green Lantern Television series. And apparently filming is supposed to start earlier than expected.

According to an ad in the production list, Green Lantern Filming begins April 12 in LA. It’s also worth noting that the description lists the project as a feature film, but this is likely a typographical error. Warner Bros. and DC weren’t sure which Power Ring carriers would feature in the new series. However, Guy Gardner, Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz and Alan Scott are named as characters in the listing. Alan, like his New 52 counterpart, will appear on the show as a gay man.

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Seth Grahame-Smith, who once stood in line to lead WBs The Lightning Film is show running Green Lantern. He is co-writing the series with Arrowverse veterinarian Marc Guggenheim, who also co-wrote the 2011 film. Although the show is on a separate continuity from the Arrowverse, Greg Berlanti is on board the project as a producer.

HBO Max has already placed an order for 10 episodes in the series. Regardless, the streaming service has not yet announced a release date. And if the shooting is really six weeks away, we can probably assume that the casting process has already started.

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