HBO Max is developing an animated Game of Thrones drama

While the franchise’s home network is currently working on two prequel series for the hit fantasy drama, The Hollywood Reporter has announced that HBO Max is currently in the early stages of development game of Thrones animated project.

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Sources report that the project is still in the very early stages of development as the streaming platform executives, led by HBO drama director Francesca Orsi and her group, have met with writers for the potential series, despite the change the formula for animation will still stay close to the tone of the Emmy Award-winning original series. Orsi and her group have also reportedly partnered with source author George RR Martin, who has signed a massive deal with the WarnerMedia network to help expand the world of game of Thrones both for this and for other potential projects.

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Following the completion of the flagship series, two prequel series were announced that are said to be in the works. Blood moon with Naomi Watts (Penguin flower) Head of the ensemble and House of the Dragon with Olivia Cooke (Ready player one), Paddy Considine (The outsider) and Matt Smith (Doctor Who, the crown). While HBO decided not to develop the first series any further while the pilot was in post-production, the latter was ordered directly in series in 2019 and is scheduled to start production in the spring.

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The talk of an animated adaptation of Martin’s epic fantasy world follows the break of the word that HBO was also in the early development of a possible live-action adaptation of Martin’s novel series Tales of Dunk an Egg, in the same world of GOT but 90 years before the events. However, there are currently no agreements for this adaptation either.