Angel Olsen shared Alive and Dying (Waving, Smiling), an orchestral version of their song Waving, Smiling. The alternate version of the Whole New Mess track features an 11-piece orchestra performing string arrangements by Jherek Bischoff. It will appear on the bonus LP Far Memory, which will be released on May 7th via Jagjaguwar as part of the upcoming Olsen box set Song of the Lark and Other Far Memories. Listen to “Alive and Dying (waving, smiling)” below.

“This song is about closing chapters and letting go of things that I can’t understand,” noted Olsen in a press release. “I am very much – I will always be immersed in love, and suffering can definitely come with it. When I listen to this version, the strings really bring the song to the necessary bittersweet boiling point. “

Song of the Lark and other distant memories will include All Mirrors, Whole New Mess, Far Memory and a 40-page photo book. Read the feature interview “Angel Olsen is at a crossroads again.”