Rostam has shared a new song called “Changephobia”, the title track and the latest single from their upcoming album. Changephobia will be released on June 4th through his own label Matsor Projects. Check out the title track with a baritone saxophone solo by Henry Solomon below.

Before “Changephobia”, Rostam shared the songs “4Runner”, “These Kids We Knew” and “Unfold You”. In a statement, Rostam said of writing the “Changephobia”:

“Changephobia” was one of the last songs I finished writing for this album. The choir came to me while I was sitting at the piano in my living room; I spent weeks picking up ideas for the verses and writing them down. One day I sat down with an acoustic guitar and felt about to give up on the song altogether: suddenly a new melody, a new feeling and new words came out of me and I felt like I could be honest with myself for what I was wanted to say. The song “Changephobia” is in part about something we can all be guilty of by avoiding our own feelings. I see it as a reminder not to do it.