Chet “JR” White, the bassist and producer best known for his work in the band Girls, died in October 2020 at the age of 40. Before his death, he produced the California singer-songwriter Lia Ices’ family album, which was released on Friday (January 29) through Natural Music. Check out the new album below.

“Experiencing JR’s creative genius so intensely is a gift I will always cherish, and I am so grateful that his magic has touched my songs,” Ices said in a statement. “This album means something different to me now that the person I made it with is gone – it’s a symbolic reminder that music is eternal, he lives forever on this album.”

The Family Album is Ices’ first new album since Ices 2014. It was written during her pregnancy and recorded the album with White at studios in LA, San Francisco and Stinson Beach. “The album has clarity,” she said in a statement. “You can hear what I’m saying, you can hear what the instruments are doing. But I really think you can go even deeper because the production supports the ethos. “