Whether you’re in airplane mode or stuck on the subway, you can always listen to your favorite podcasts even when you’re offline – Introduction to Downloading on Spreaker Podcast Radio for iOS!

Select this option to select episodes that you want to listen to later and then automatically download them, or set up automatic downloading of your favorite podcasts so that all newly published episodes are downloaded directly to your iPhone. Now all iOS lovers can create their own listening experience tailored to your ears even after you’ve disconnected (Android users are already enjoying the ftheydoor).

The information to download

We’ve given you two options for downloading, either manually downloading episodes one at a time or enabling automatic downloading (but only for your favorite podcasts). How to download them on your iPhone:

Manual download

Select this option to manually download episodes. As you navigate through the app, you can tap the More icon (the three dots) at the top of the episode footage. From there, you can tap on Download.

Alternatively, you can tap the download icon in the episode player.


You can also turn on auto download to make your favorite episodes easier.

On the Favorites screen, tap the podcast for which you want the episodes to be automatically downloaded, and under About, select the option “Automatically download new episodes”. To set how many episodes per podcast you want to have on your device at any time, go to the Settings screen, where you only have a few options under Downloads to optimize.

3 settings

Everything you want to download can be easily accessed through an automatically generated playlist. You can find downloads in the Playlist area.

Download the iPhone podcast

Make sure you get the latest update for Spreaker Podcast Radio for iOS so you can enjoy a listening experience made just for your ears and then let us know how much you love it!

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