As a podcaster, you know the importance of social media in getting your audio’s message across as widely as possible. And Facebook doesn’t need to be introduced as a critical tool in your strategy. With over 2 billion active users, Facebook is that most accessible social media site and can undoubtedly help you increase your audience. Therefore a Facebook site could be just the right tool to increase the reach of your podcast.

How a Facebook Page can improve your podcast strategy

A … create Facebook site is simple and will benefit you and your podcast in the long run. As? The answer is threefold.

First, the “official” pages are public and visible to all, that is what makes them easier to findso that listeners like your podcast and too for inviting new listeners to enjoy your podcast.

Second, if you know how to position your podcast, a Facebook site will help you communicate more easily what you are about. Use your page to create and access a cool name for your podcast additional marketing activities. Activities like targeted Facebook with custom audience campaigns will help you spread your brand the best it can and hopefully reach your ideal audience!

Third, you can build strong podcaster / listener relationships and get to know your fans better. Having an official site does it easier to keep in touch with your audience – with features like direct messaging. You can also access it detailed statistics about the people who like your page and use this information to improve your podcast.

Enable automatic sharing for your Facebook page

Now that you know how useful an official site is, let’s explain how easy it is to set up. It is also important to know that as of August 1, 2018, automatic sharing of Facebook will no longer be possible via a personal Facebook profile Episodes can only be distributed automatically via a Facebook site which you then link to your podcast on Spreaker.

So first you need to create one Facebook site Then enable the automatic sharing option for your Spreaker account.

Use our step-by-step guide and you will be up and running in minutes!

  1. Access the content management system
  2. Click your podcast
  3. Select the “Auto Sharing Options” from the menu on the left
  4. As shown in the screenshot below, you can choose a specific Facebook page.

Once your Facebook page is selected, you can automatically share your episodes with the page. As always, your Spreaker account is the best way for you to share your content on multiple platforms, and you can still be able to share through your Facebook profile. You can find the Facebook share buttons on your podcast and episode pages, in the Spreaker apps, and in the CMS. That way, you can manually share your podcast anywhere on Facebook, including your personal profile.

Have fun and have fun with automatic sharing!