It’s no secret that in James Gunn’s upcoming film The Suicide Squad, not every member of the group of super villains will come out alive. Given that they are sent out on suicide missions, Gunn had to decide who would eventually bite the dust in the film, which will be released on August 6, 2021.

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Speaking to DC Comics about the upcoming film, Gunn said that many of the decisions came because Gunn already knew who was going to die when he first put them in the film, and that some were simply victims of storytelling.

“There were a certain number of characters that I knew would die when I put them in the film,” explains Gunn. “When I first suggested this idea to Warner Bros., I went in [Warner Bros. Film Chairman] Toby Emmerich’s office and I had made copies or photos of every single character, and I had them all on one wall because there are many characters. Throwing Mongal at Toby Emmerich can be really confusing. As I went through them this way, I knew that some characters would die early, and then other characters would die when I was telling the story. “

Gunn went on to say that while we were writing, some of the deaths came very organically and that things wanted to stay as fresh and surprising as possible.

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“The way I write is that I have a basic structure of what the movie is,” he says. “The structure of this film was really about the group as a whole, but there were deaths that surprised me because I fell into a kind of fugue state while writing. Some things happened very organically. It was really about what the story needs at this point. How does it work? How do we take an unexpected turn here? “