Although many parts of the Lone Star State are still without constant power or clean water, other parts of Texas are finally experiencing a sense of normalcy again after a climate crisis. After a devastating snowstorm and cold temperatures, people across the state lost electricity and drinking water and exposed them to long periods of cold weather with no proper tools to prepare for. Many lost loved ones, and still others across the state lost their homes and belongings when pipes froze and burst.

Mutual aid groups have assisted recovery, as have some of the state’s large and small nonprofits and even some of their own businesses (HEB, the state’s popular food chain, has once again done everything possible to ensure residents have safe food and water) .

It is still early in recovery for survivors of the storm and many are still assessing the damage.

For readers and book lovers looking to jump in from outside Texas, a number of fundraisers, grants, and other financial resources have been set up to aid the recovery effort. Below are a number of places where your money is going to go a long way toward rebuilding classrooms, libraries, and other literacy-related spaces.

Every penny donated counts, as does every part of that effort. Every step you take makes a difference.

This is a living, growing document. As soon as I become aware of new projects and the listed projects are fulfilled, I will update them. Messages about fundraisers or projects related to literacy, classrooms, libraries, books, or reading by organizations and nonprofits – including shelters, hospitals, and other similar locations – can be sent to kelly at

I have the right to highlight those who fit the objectives and missions of Book Riot.

Recovery requirements for the classroom

The information is provided by DonorsChoose and the cost of funding the projects will be updated as of Wednesday February 24th. Both were released after the storm by educators who had access to the necessary technology and who were eager to bring stability and normalcy to their students. It is likely that the need for classrooms in Texas will increase in the coming weeks.

  • Stay full: Almost all of the students in this Dime Box, Texas district are from low income families, and teacher Ms. Rouse has set up a fundraiser to bring food and drink to these students. $ 551 to fund the project.
  • Literacy interventions: In this Tyler, Texas classroom, students are given workbooks for use in class and at home. $ 89 to complete the project.
  • Rest after the Texas Blizzard: Online and in-person students from this school in Euless, Texas will dissect owl pellets as an exciting and fascinating lesson after the storm. $ 578 will complete the project.
  • Make connections through books: An Austin-based elementary school plans a roadside book and giveaway for resources. This fundraiser will help students take home and keep a wide variety of books to help them through a difficult year. $ 950 to complete.
  • Tutorial snacks: This teacher in San Benito writes: “I ask for snacks for [my students] Eating during after-school tutorials. Some of these students go home without a hot meal at home. My students have problems with parents who have lost their jobs. We were hit by a winter storm last week and the whole community lost power. The parents told me that they had to throw away all of their food because they had been without electricity for more than 6 days. I want to make sure you have something to eat before you go home. These snacks are used twice a week before the tutorials. “$ 158 to fund the project.

Texas Library Association Disaster Relief Fund

The Texas Library Association (TLA) is the state library association and the largest state library association in the United States. Their programs, projects and resources include a disaster relief fund specifically for libraries in need of emergency money.

To donate to the Disaster Relief Fund, go to the Contributions page on the TLA website and click the Other Funds link. About halfway up this page, you can donate directly to Disaster Relief.

Literacy achieved

This north Texas-based organization is focused on helping non-English speaking adults and their children improve their English skills. They opened a thermal center in Dallas and are looking for funds to make sure those in need of food, blankets, water, and other supplies have them.

Donate here.

United To Learn

This Dallas-based organization is focused on increasing student performance by transforming relationships between schools and communities. They are currently raising funds to help students, families, and educators in the Dallas Independent School District purchase food, blankets, water, and other essentials.

Donate here.

Individual fundraising campaigns

These GoFundMe projects were obtained through the crowdfunding website and explicitly cited books as one of their needs – collections were lost or badly damaged during the storms. Unlike DonorsChoose, which reviews every project, note that GoFundMe projects can be set up by anyone. As with educational projects, expect to see more fundraisers happening on GoFundMe as basic needs are met across the state.

  • Replacing Essentials: “As is the case with many families, the storms in Texas completely devastated our families. After 3 days with no electricity in sub-zero temperatures we woke up this morning and our ceiling collapsed from flooding in the unit above ours. We had to flee and lose everything we have. We have nothing but our clothes on our backs and our vehicle. We know millions in Texas face similar circumstances. We just hope to replace the bare minimum so our 2 year old daughter has a bed, dishes, books, toys, etc. ”
  • Help Springbok Academy: “Springbok suffered a terrible flood due to a burst water pipe in the ceiling above the library. The owner and director Liz Seibt received a call on Wednesday evening that water was running down the street in front of the school building. When she arrived with her partner Francois, they found the entire building completely flooded with a few inches of standing water. Books, toys and precious memories were a complete loss. ”
  • Tragic fire during the winter storm: “Hello, I’m starting this fundraiser for my bonus children and their mother. On February 16, 2021, the children and their mother tragically lost their home and all their belongings in a devastating fire during the winter storm in Texas. I am asking for donations to help the family replace their items lost in the fire such as clothes, shoes, books, and more that may not be replaced by insurance. “

This is just the beginning of the long road to recovery for Texas. Here, keep an eye out for updates on organizations and projects you can help with, and take advantage of the incredible tools as developed by Texas relief groups to connect those in need with financial, medical, educational and other means of support during the crisis .