Ìfé have announced their new album 0000 + 0000 with a video for the new song “Fake Blood”. The LP was mixed in Austin, Texas by Stuart Sikes and features Bill Summers, Yoruban guitarist Saint Ezekiel, London-based Lucumi Choir and Paris-based Congolese artist Robby the Lord. It should be released on November 5th. The video for “Fake Blood” was shot in New Orleans by Tyler Roi; check it out below.

Like the title of Ìfé’s debut album IIII + IIII (pronounced Edgy-Og-Bay) from 2017, the numbers and symbols in 0000 + 0000 (pronounced Yay-koon May-yee) come from the religious practice of the Ifá. Ìfé founder Otura Mun says “Fake Blood” was inspired in part by the United States’ response to the 2017 mass shootings at the Route 91 Harvest music festival on the Las Vegas Strip.

“Gun violence is so widespread and mass shootings are so common that the response to any new shooting seems somehow more bizarre and absurd than the last,” Mun said in a statement. “The solution to the problem is obvious – but nothing will change because the political discourse is devoid of real honesty or a sense of personal responsibility for the horrors we have created in the past and present.”

Ìfé will celebrate the album’s release on November 17th with a performance at Elsewhere in Brooklyn, NY.

0000 + 0000:

01 Prelude II [ft. Lex]
02 fireflies
03 Wrong blood [ft. Robby the Lord]
04 You know K Yes
05 Wednesday child [ft. Saint Ezekiel]
06 The Ripper (Bembe)
07 Prayer for Shangó
08 Voodoo economy (WolfMan)
09 heart full of love
10 Mr. Envy
11 Closing prayer [ft. The London Lucumi Choir]