iLoveMakonnen has returned with a surprising new album. My Parade is his first release since his departure from Warner Records; It is available through Timeless Magic and COR / TAN Records. He unveiled the new project tonight along with the single “Whoopsy” which includes Payday. Check out the new album below.

“The My Parade project is my first album that is back in control of my art and creativity,” iLoveMakonnen said in a statement. “It’s about celebrating yourself and having your own parade, even when the world is raining on it. My parade album is a collection of genre bending styles in which I like to experiment and demonstrate my versatility as an artist, which sets no limits to my musical expression. It is for my fans who appreciate and enjoy all the different eras of iLoveMakonnen’s music, and for new ones who are now joining in on my artistic journey. “

iLoveMakonnen’s last record was the 2019 M3 EP.