Go straight to the point and straight to the podcasts. We’re adding a new feature that will allow you to be listening to your favorites and most podcasts in no time. Introduce the new Spreaker Podcast Radio Home Screen Widget.

Your proven podcasts are clearly laid out for you and are easily accessible with just a tap of the finger directly from your home screen. You save time and time, especially when multitasking between training, emails and instant messages. An enhanced and personalized listening experience allows you to keep your flow while doing all of your tasks without missing a beat.

Take a look at this overview of how the widget works:

The widget will display a series of podcasts even when your phone is locked, which are divided into two sections.

In the upper half You can find the podcasts that you listen to the most. Tap on one of them and you will be asked to unlock your phone. Once you do, the Spreaker Podcast Radio app will automatically open for that podcast.

Just below, You will see your most recently downloaded episodes. Tapping any of these options will perform a similar process to the above: you will be asked to unlock your phone. This time, however, you will be automatically directed to a list of recently downloaded files.

Just peasy isn’t it? And your podcast or episode will play instantly too.

You can add the Spreaker Podcast Radio widget to your home screen just like any other app:

On iOS:

  1. Swipe right on the home screen or lock screen.
  2. Scroll down. Then tap on Edit.
  3. Tap the “+” icon to add Spreaker Podcast Radio to your home screen.
  4. When done, tap Done.

On Android:

  1. Touch and hold an empty space on the home screen.
  2. Tap the widgets icon.
  3. Touch and hold the Spreaker Podcast Radio widget.
  4. A preview of your home screen is displayed.
  5. Drop the widget where you prefer.

Check out the new one quick actions

And there is more. Along with the widget, a few more ancillary functions are introduced, with which you can get to your favorite content even faster.

The name says it all: Quick Actions are shortcuts that take you to different types of content in no time. With a simple touch and hold (on Android) or 3D touch (on iOS) the Spreaker Podcast Radio app icon, you can start a new search, open the Listen to Later playlist, or open the Downloads playlist.

But a quick note: while quick actions are available to all iOS users, they are currently only available to Android users running Android 7.1 and above (Nougat).

We know you want to try the new widget and get to your podcasts faster than ever before. To get this feature, update your Spreaker Podcast Radio app to the latest version right from your smartphone.

– –

If you haven’t been able to enjoy Spreaker Podcast Radio yourself, download it for iOS or Android now.

Download the iOS widget