Melina Duterte from Jay Som and Ellen Kempner from Palehound have teamed up to start a new project called Bachelor. Today (February 25th) the duo shared their debut single “Anything at All”. Listen to it below (via polyvinyl).

Duterte and Kempner joined forces before the 2020 pandemic. They recorded together in California while on tour. They also wrote, performed, and produced their debut bachelor’s song together.

“We are very happy to finally share this song with you and to announce our new band!” Bachelor said in a press release. “We have been dear friends and big fans of each other for years and were lucky enough to work together in January 2020 before the quarantine. We believe ‘Anything at All’ is an even mix of our tastes and writing style, and releasing it feels very hopeful and joyful to us. “

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