The terminal list: Jeanne Tripplehorn joins Chris Pratt in the new Amazon series

According to Deadline, the Emmy Award-nominated actress Jeanne Tripplehorn was cast in the upcoming series adaptation of Amazon Studios alongside Chris Pratt as the leading actress The terminal list. Tripplehorn will play the role of the first Secretary of Defense named Lorraine Hartley. She is described as ambitious, accomplished, and armed with a rough sense of humor.

Her full character description is: “Hartley has expanded the chain of command and promoted a numbers-based strategy that relies heavily on SpecOps. But when tragedy strikes the Navy SEAL community, Hartley must act to protect James Reece (Pratt) and these esteemed warriors as she grapples with the consequences of her own instructions. “

Tripplehorn, best known for her appearances on HBOs Great love and the television movie Gray gardenswas recently seen in the FX limited series Mrs. America. She will be the next star on HBO’s upcoming drama series The golden age. Your casting in The terminal list days after Constance Wu, the candidate for the Golden Globe, also took on the role of Katie Buranek, a risk-seeking war correspondent. They will join the previously announced actor Taylor Kitsch.

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First published in 2018, The terminal list is described as a conspiracy thriller that will follow the story of Reece, whose entire platoon is ambushed by Navy SEALs during a high-stakes covert mission. When he returns home with conflicting memories of the event and questions about his fault, new evidence is unearthed when Reece discovers dark forces working against him.

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The official synopsis of the novel: “A Navy SEAL has nothing to live and everything to kill after discovering that the American government was behind the death of his team in this torn from the headlines political thriller.

During his last combat mission, Lieutenant Commander James Reece’s entire team was killed in a catastrophic ambush that also killed the rescue crew. But when his loved ones are murdered on the day he returns home, Reece discovers that this was not an act of war by a foreign enemy, but a conspiracy that leads to the highest levels of government.

Now without a family and free from the command structure of the military, Reece applies the lessons he learned from over a decade of constant warfare to avenge the deaths of his family and teammates. With a breathless pace and relentless tension, Reece ruthlessly targets his enemies at the upper levels of power, regardless of the laws of struggle or the rule of law. “

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The terminal list is directed by Antoine Fuqua based on a script by David DiGilio. In addition to the lead role in the series, Pratt also plays as an executive producer alongside Fuqua and DiGilio. This is the second collaboration between Fuqua and Pratt, who worked together in the 2016 western action film The glory seven.

(Photo by Rich Fury / Getty Images)