Jeff Rosenstock has been performing in the Bruce Lee Band with saxophonist and singer Mike Park since 2014. Later that month, on May 28th, the band will release the new division in the Heartland EP through Parks Asian Man Records. A new track from the EP is called “BLT” (short for “Bruce Lee Theme”) and Rosenstock sings in Korean. Mike Park wrote the “BLT” lyrics. Listen down below.

“Part of me loved it because it felt fresh to sing in a different language, and I thought our friends in Korea could have fun singing along with Mike’s vague nonsense sentences shouted by a hearted idiot “said Rosenstock said of” BLT “in a press release. “I think we often see language as a barrier, but it’s actually a window into someone else’s reality, and that’s … nice to me.”

The guitarist Dan Potthast and the drummer Kevin Higuchi round off the current version of the Bruce Lee Band. The quartet recently shared the theme song from Division in the Heartland; The proceeds went to Stop AAPI Hate.

Last year Rosenstock released his studio album NO DREAM. Last month he shared a ska re-recording of the album called SKA DREAM.

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