José González is back with his first new song in more than 5 years. Watch a video below of El Invento, its first release in Spanish. According to a press release, he wrote the lyrics with the help of his young daughter.

“Every now and then I try to write texts in Spanish – this time I succeeded!” González added in the press release. “I think it helped to speak to Laura in Spanish every day. I started writing ‘El Invento’ around 2017 when she was born. The song is about the questions – who are we, where are we going and why? Who can we thank for our existence? Historically, most traditions have invented answers to these questions. The name of the song: The Invention (God). “

The Swedish singer-songwriter released his last studio album, Vestiges & Claws, in 2015. This was his first full-length solo since In Our Nature in 2007, although he worked on several releases in between, including some with his Junip project. In 2018 he released the live album Live In Europe with the String Theory Orchestra.