Strokes and Voidz frontman Julian Casablancas threw the first throw in today’s New York Mets game against the Atlanta Braves. If you want to know what that pitch looked like, enjoy the video below. Also find a photo of Casablancas next to the Strokes’ guitar technician, Paul Vassallo, who served as the catcher.

You can also find that the broadcaster calls Casablancas the “former” lead singer of the Strokes. A representative from Julian Casablancas confirmed to Pitchfork that this was just a mistake, so don’t panic.

He also gave an interview about his first Mets game during the game. “Whoopsie,” said Casablancas when Dominic Smith misplayed a line drive. Casablancas, who wore a Darryl Strawberry jersey, then became self-conscious: “I didn’t really calculate that people were actually watching a baseball game, they probably don’t want to hear my BS.”

The Strokes recently unveiled a new song in the campaign for New York City mayoral candidate Maya Wiley. Her last album was The New Abnormal from 2020.

Paul Vassallo and Julian Casablancas, photo by Kayla Rice / New York Mets