Justin Timberlake stars in Apple’s Confessions of a Dangerous Mind series

After the critical success of Fisher Stevens’ drama film PalmerJustin Timberlake found his next collaboration with Apple TV + in the form of a brand new drama series based on Chuck Barris’ 1984 memoir Confessions of a dangerous spirit. Deadline reports that Apple successfully acquired the script at auction and plans to develop the project into a one-hour drama series.

Timberlake has officially taken on the role of Barris, who claimed he was a CIA assassin who stands in the moonlight as the host of a game show. Should the project get a series order, it would mark the Grammy and Emmy Award winning scripts first major screenplay series after only guest appearances on Saturday night live.

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in the Confessions of a dangerous spiritChuck Barris revealed that he was going to host The gong show and creator of The dating game and The newlyweds game was just a cover for his actual job as a CIA assassin, whose job it was to eliminate enemies of the state in the 1960s and 1970s.

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The memoir was first adapted in 2002 with the title “Film” Confessions of a dangerous spiritThis was George Clooney’s directorial debut (after taking over from Bryan Singer). The film, written by Charlie Kaufman, featured an all-star cast including Clooney, Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymore and Sam Rockwell as Barris (a role originally seen by Michael Myers). The film received some good reviews from critics but fell behind at the box office with worldwide grossing of $ 33.1 million on a budget of $ 30 million.

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The series is produced by David Hollander, who will also act as the showrunner. The project is being written by Jon Worley with Miramax and Paramount Television Studios as co-producers.

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