Funimation announced on Friday that the English dub of Kageki Shojo !! will be making its way to streaming service this month, announcing the cast.

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According to Funimation, the series begins on September 4th. Based on the manga series that ran from 2012 to 2014, Kageki Shojo !! focuses on Watanabe Sarasa, a student at an all-girls theater school who keeps her eye on the spotlight as she and the people she meets take their first steps towards achieving their dreams.

The English voice-over cast will play Siv Ryan as Watanabe Sarasi and Xanthe Huynh as Ai Narate. The complete line-up for the English Dub of Kageki Shojo !! can be seen below:

  • Sarasa Watanabe as Siv Ryan
  • Ai Narata as Xanthe Huynh
  • Ayako Yamada as Megan Shipman
  • Sawa Sugimoto as Corey Pettit
  • Kaoru Hoshino as Ama Lee
  • Chika Sawada as Monica Rial
  • Chiaki Sawada as Natalie Rial
  • Hijiri Nojima as Bryn Apprill
  • Risa Nakayama as Terri Doty
  • Tomomi Takei as Shara Kirby
  • Taichi Narata as Aaron Campbell
  • Mamoru Andou as River Kanoff
  • Mikiya Kitaouji as Kestin Howard
  • Ichii Anai as Ben Phillips
  • Haruhiko Oizumi as John McCalmont
  • Ken Bradley as Campbell
  • Ohki EA as Castillo
  • Kirishima as LW Salinas
  • And as Phil Parsons
  • Hachi as Kent Williams
  • Hachi’s wife as Casey Casper

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Kageki Shojo !! comes from the PINE JAM studio and director Kazuhiro Yoneda and is currently being broadcast by Funimation as part of the 2021 anime season. You can try out the English dubbing at its premiere on September 4, 2021 in the church service.