Anime fans were surprised to see scenes from Tokyo Ghoul Played on the side of a building in Netflix’s action film Kate. According to director Cedric Nicolas-Troyan, it is not only a tribute to the show, but is also intended to convey similarities between Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s character and the Tokyo Ghoul protagonist.


– Ri, (@ririfuyu) September 11, 2021

“I wanted to find something that connects, and that’s why Tokyo Ghoul is in the film because I was trying to connect with Kate and that [Ken] Kaneki character has that connection, ”director Nicolas-Troyan told ComingSoon. “To create these images, the people who are [fans] that kind of style can be like “oh yeah” and they know why. People who don’t know Tokyo Ghoul, they’ll be like this, oh, it’s just a cartoon on the building. But people who know they’ll be like, oh, I can understand why Kaneki and Kate are together. Actually I have a letter to the creator of. written Tokyo Ghoul to ask him to include it in the film. “

If you are not familiar with Tokyo Ghoul, Kaneki is turned into a half-ghoul against his will and must now eat human flesh to survive. Similarly, Kate becomes an assassin not voluntarily, but through circumstances, and is put into a criminal life.

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The director has a long history of appreciating anime and has identified Studio Ghibli’s Hayao Miyazaki as one of his key creative influences. Nicolas-Troyan has been a fan of anime since he was a child and that connection continues as his son is currently a huge fan of Japanese animation.

“I grew up with Japanese culture like Grendizer and [Message from Space:] Galactic Wars. All of these were big deals in France. I was drawn into this type of anime culture very, very young, and to this day my son is very excited about it, so I never really gave up. So that was a big part of the design and the look. “

Kate is now streaming on Netflix.