Ketchy the Great, the Los Angeles rapper best known as a member of the Stinc team alongside Drakeo the Ruler, has died. His management confirmed the news to Pitchfork. Further details about his death are currently not known.

A native Jameon Davis made a name for himself in the LA underground rap scene. He appeared in several songs by fellow Stinc team members such as Drakeo and Ralfy the Plug. Ketchy was also prolific as a solo artist; His breakout track “If I Go Broke” was released in late 2017. 03 Greedo’s acclaimed 2018 album The Wolf of Grape Street contains four different ketchy features.

Ketchy was arrested in 2018 for spraying graffiti in his and Ralfy the Plug’s video for “The Right Decision”. Since the Stinc Team was classified as a gang by the Los Angeles District Attorney, he was charged with gang reform vandalism and gang reform witness intimidation. He eventually spent two years and ten months in prison. “It was a load of shit,” Ketchy said in a December interview on the PALM podcast of the charges.

A solo mixtape called Free Sauce was released in 2019 that featured 03 Greedo and Shoreline Mafia. In his interview on PALM, Ketchy said that he was beginning to realize that his music was growing in popularity while he was incarcerated.

“When I went to jail, a n – a didn’t go crazy – like I had a couple of songs that were starting to get undressed. So while I’m in there, motherfuckers come up to me like, “Yo you’re Ketchy the big one, I fuck with your shit.” It’s crazy because when I was on the street I didn’t really come up to me, notice myself, or recognize myself. But once I was in the county and sat for six, seven months, everyone who came with that motherfucker said, “Hey Ketchy, yo Ketchy, sign my cup!” And I’m like goddamn it, signing my first damn autograph in the county. “

After Ketchy was released in August 2020, he released a video for the new song “Another One”. He also released a song called “Gang Enhancement”. He appeared on Drakeo’s new mixtape We Know the Truth. A few days ago a new song by Drakeo and Ketchy called “For Real” was released.