Kim Gordon and Bill Nace – who act as the duo Body / Head – have joined the electronic experimentalist Aaron Dilloway for a new project, Body / Dilloway / Head. They have put together a self-titled album to be released on November 19th via Three Lobed. Check out Goin ‘Down below.

Body / Dilloway / Head is the first new material from Body / Head since The Switch in 2018. “One of the things I like most about playing improvised music, and especially in Body / Head with Bill, is it’s constantly exhilarating Freedom and surprise as to what will happen at any given moment, ”Kim Gordon said in a statement. “Recording this record with Aaron Dilloway, whom I’ve always admired so much, added another level of the unknown and a different way of relinquishing control. Aaron took our sounds / music as a source and went ‘his way with it’, so to speak, crushing any existing narrative to enter into it and do something different than what we would have done as a body / head.

Body / dilloway / head:

01 body / delete
02 goin ‘down
03 Secret cuts