British composer and multidisciplinary artist Klein has announced her new album Harmattan. The 11-track record will be released on November 19th via Pentatone. Check out Klein’s homemade music video for the lead single “Hope Dealers” below.

Klein wrote, produced, played and mixed harmattan. The album was mastered by Jason Gosling and contains additional vocals from Klein and Charlotte Church for the song “Skyfall”, which also contains the voice of the London grime MC Jawnino transposed into a synthesizer.

Next year, on January 30th, Klein is scheduled to perform at the Barbican in London.

Read more about Klein’s “Claim It” in Pitchforks “The 100 Best Songs of 2019”.


01 For solo / piano
02 Roc
03 Trapping in C major
04 Unknown opps
05 The spirit of grace
06 Ray
07 Made for Ibadan
08 Skyfall
09 Not a gangster, but still from Endz
10 hope traders
11 masters

Artwork by Klein