Photo by MARK RALSTON / AFP via Getty Images

Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon, the couple whose real story inspired their hit film The big sick one, team up to adapt the script for The dubious guest.

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Based on the late Edward Gorey’s illustrated book, the film is being developed by the newly formed Double Dream production company, according to a report from Variety. Siblings Andy and Barbara Muschietti (It, It: Chapter Two) founded the company, with Andy as a director and Nanjiani as one of the stars of the film.

The dubious guest tells the story of mysterious penguin-like creatures who arrive at a family’s home unannounced and cause nothing but chaos. Gordon and Nanjiani will also serve as executive producers for the film, with Andy and Barbara Muschietti co-producing the film with Dani Bernfeld.

Double Dreams production by The dubious guest puts another big movie on the plate as the company is already working on some fairly large objects. Currently the production company is working on DCs The Lightning (directed by Andy Muschietti and produced by Barbara), the Warner Bros. adaptation of the popular attack on Titan Anime and Universal is coming Electrical condition.

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As for Nanjiani and Gordon, the duo continued their success with The big sick one from Executive Producer of the Apple TV + series Little America. Nanjiani will also have a busy schedule as he will be starring in Marvels Eternalas well as the upcoming Disney + series Obi Wan Kenobi. Gordon is writing the script for Netflix’s comic book adaptation of Ball and chain.