A woman last seen at Rolling Loud Miami in 2021 was reported missing, NBC Miami and Rolling Stone report. Ashley Espinosa Sanchez, 23, was last seen by her boyfriend Nicholas Prevost on Saturday evening (July 24) at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens. Espinosa Sanchez is 5’2 “, 130 pounds, has brown hair and brown eyes. She was last seen by Prevost in a black and red floral romper and white van.

Espinosa Sanchez and Prevost drove together from Tallahassee to the three-day festival. Prevost told NBC that Espinosa Sanchez handed him her phone upon arrival and walked away from him before getting lost in the crowd. Prevost waited for Espinosa Sanchez (they attended Don Toliver’s set) after the concert, but she never showed up. Prevost filed a missing person report and searched several hospitals for the whereabouts of Espinosa Sanchez. Miami Gardens police confirmed to NBC that they are working on a missing person case on the matter.

An additional report from the Miami Herald included comments from Amber Hicks, a childhood friend of Espinosa Sanchez, who told the publication that Espinosa Sanchez was suffering from manic episodes. Hicks expressed additional concern about the fact that Espinosa Sanchez has not shown up for work for several days. “She’s usually there all day every day,” Hicks told the Herald. “So we really know that she’s lost because she didn’t like to work or something.”

Today (July 29) a local news agency released new details on the story. According to detectives working on the case, Espinosa Sanchez was seen on a surveillance video at the Lost and Found at Hard Rock Stadium on Monday, July 26th. “The video shows that in the company of an unknown black man, 5’10” -6’0 “, she was slim, long dark pants, a black T-shirt, a red shirt tied around the waist, dark sneakers and a light one – colored hat, “Miami Gardens police said in a press release (seen by Local 10). Allegedly it went on:

The video also shows that Ms. Espinoza-Sanchez was wearing the same romper on Saturday. Instead of sneakers, however, she wore long black socks with sandals that seemed too big for her feet. The video shows Ms. Espinoza-Sanchez and the black man parting in opposite directions on foot. She was last seen walking towards parking lot # 18. It is possible that Ms. Espinoza-Sanchez is still in the area.

Pitchfork reached out to Rolling Loud Miami representatives and the Miami-Dade Police Department for more information.