You have to be passionate about podcasts. To get a great show to work, you have to invest time, and sometimes even money, in technology, show production, branding, and marketing. While connecting with the audience can be a reward in itself, wouldn’t it be great to see some returns on money as well?

Unfortunately, agencies and sponsors are not that easy to come by. Too often, great podcasts are overlooked for large productions supported by even larger networks. It’s hard to get recognition when you compete with well-funded production machinery.

However, at Spreaker, we believe your podcast is worth the chance. Why can’t monetization be easy and accessible to everyone? We are happy to introduce you to our new revenue sharing program! It’s a simple opt-in program that podcasters can make money for every listen or impression they get.

How does it work?

The Spreaker program is set up as an advertising revenue sharing program. This means that you are making money on ads that appear in your content. More precisely, it works like this:

Audio and video ads provided by our partners will be automatically placed in your episodes at different intervals (in this beta phase we only support ads as pre-rolls). These ads are determined by location so that your listeners only hear ads that concern them (for example, New Yorkers only ever hear ads from companies they have access to). Every time an ad makes an impression, ie has been heard or viewed by your target audience, you will earn a certain amount of money. In the case of Spreaker, you’ll get 60-65% per CPM (1000 impressions) depending on a variety of factors, such as: B. who is providing the ad.

The ads will be either audio or video ads and will appear on embedded players and on Spreaker Podcast Radio for Android and iOS. Each ad will run for a maximum of 30 seconds and will disappear when it ends. Visual indicators look something like this:

The Ad Revenue Sharing program is currently in beta and will continue to evolve over time. The more podcasters join, the better we can refine it. In fact, we already have some improvements along the way, such as ad flexibility, which means you can insert ads at certain points in your episode, expand ad rendering on third-party platforms, and increase CPM over the course of 2017.

Participate in Spreaker’s revenue sharing program

Typically, setting up revenue sharing involves jumping through administrative frameworks and making special arrangements that don’t always work in your favor.

We’re eliminating all of that by providing a simple sign-up program that only takes a few minutes to join. All it takes is

  1. Access to the CMS
  2. Go to Monetization in the main menu
  3. Read and accept the general terms and conditions
  4. Click on Apply

And that’s it! The revenue sharing program will run immediately for all of your shows (provided they meet the necessary legal and quality requirements conditions). If you have shows in your account that you would like to keep ad-free, you can deactivate them from the program at any time.

To ensure your payments go through as soon as you start generating revenue, you need to add your bank account and tax information to your account. Your tax information can be uploaded as a completed W-9 tax form. Note that payments will not be made until you have earned more than $ 10. They are transferred directly to your bank account on a monthly basis.

In addition, you can keep an eye on your payments with your mobile phone via the dashboard Impressions & results report Chart, as well as what you have been paid for so far with your Payment history.


Sign up for Spreaker’s revenue sharing program and see real results for all of your hard work! Register now and let us know what you think!

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