Angus Andrews Liars have announced their 10th album. It’s called The Apple Drop. The follow-up to the titles with the word fountain from 2018 will appear on August 6 via Mute. Today (May 5th) liars shared “Sekwar” along with a video by Clemens Habicht. Check out the dystopian clip below and scroll down to view the LP graphic and track listing.

“Throughout Liars’ history, I have consistently sought new ways of creating music,” Angus Andrew said in a press release. “For every project, I’ve essentially given up on previous methods and tried to learn different ways of writing and producing songs instead. Once I have perceived this journey as a straight line, I increasingly notice that my trajectory is more like a spiral. When new ideas arise, older ones take on a new meaning and evolve. “

For The Apple Drop, Andrew worked with avant-garde jazz drummer Laurence Pike, multi-instrumentalist Cameron Deyell and lyricist Mary Pearson Andrew. “For the first time, I made the decision to work together early on so that the work of others can influence my own work,” he said. “My goal was to go beyond my abilities to create something bigger than me.”

Andrew added, “Momentum and revolution were topics that I wanted to explore in order to give the listener that sense of transformation and the feeling of being transported through the wormhole.”

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The Apple Drop::

01 The start
02 Turn slowly and inward
03 sec
04 Big appetite
05 Of what that never was
06 Star Search
07 My impulse to think
08 Recreational War
09 King of the crooks
10 acid harvest
11 New Planets New Undo