Lily Konigsberg, a member of the Palberta group (who just released the new album Palberta5000), has announced the new compilation The Best of Lily Konigsberg Right Now. It’s May 21st over Wharf Cat. The collection includes her three EPs: 2017’s Good Time Now (a split release with Andrea Schiavelli), 2018’s 4 Picture Tear and 2020’s It’s Just Like All the Clouds. Listen to the previously unreleased song “Owe Me” below.

“I wrote ‘Owe Me’ in Petaluma on a trip with my friend Matt Norman,” Konigsberg said in a statement. “I knew immediately that it was one of those blasts that was going to rock people’s worlds, but after Matt added some key keyboard licks, it disappeared into the abyss of my computer and accompanied about 500 other songs that were still there.” She continued:

When the concept of The Best of Lily Konigsberg came together with my friend Trip Warner at the moment, I knew it should be published. With the help of Nate Amos who improved the beat, added the descriptive sounds and basically just made it sound amazing, it was finally done. For me the lyrics to this song are not as important as how much cooperation and friendship can turn a banger into a BANGER. I love my friends.

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Lily Konigsberg: The best from Lily Konigsberg so far

The best of Lily Konigsberg at the moment::

01 blame me
02 To hold it
03 rock and sin
04 7 smile
05 A # 3 at best
06 It’s like all clouds
07 I said
08 Summer in the city
09 Good time
10 Lily’s national anthem
11 waterfall snake juice
12 Talk to me with birds
13 roses
14 North Porsche
15 I don’t like the name
16 Big Tall Grass
Open 17 days