After a turbulent, stressful year, 2021 is finally here! Why not upgrade your living space with a bookshelf makeover? No need to search the internet for the best new decor for your home library. Book Riot will guide you through decorating your bookshelf with the latest ideas and inspiration for decorating bookshelves.

Add fairy lights and reposition your books

There are many ways in which you can showcase your book collection. However, your best bet is to add lighting. Fairy lights are cute and inexpensive and will brighten any room. Rotate your books so they are facing out and reveal your covers. Fairy lights look best on white bookshelves, but any color will work.

Decorating ideas for bookcases of chimneys

If your bookcase is in the living room, it is best to find bookcase decorating ideas that will blend in well with the rest of the room. Some fireplace bookshelf decorating ideas include using a planter or vase as a bookend. This idea can come in handy when you want to maximize your space for books by putting some on top of the mantle. If you have a tall and wide bookcase against one wall, go for a bookcase ladder. This not only gives your living room a cozy library feel, but also makes it easier for you to access the top shelf.

Small bookcase decor ideas

It can be difficult to come up with small bookshelf decorating ideas because you don’t want to lose space for your book collection with decorations. If you want to spice up your bookshelf without wasting space on the shelf, a plant or bouquet of flowers can be a nice finish.

Arrange your books in a color scheme

Restructuring your bookshelf into a color scheme is a simple (and free) bookshelf decorating idea to revive a boring bookcase. You can also put some books outward or lay them flat to add dimension.

Twinkle Lights & Ivy

Sparkling lights and ivy can make any bookcase look whimsical. This bookshelf decorating idea looks especially great in a rustic-themed room. Add a candle for the finishing touches. This idea works on any type of bookcase.

Mythical bookends

Bookends are a fun way to separate your favorite book series from the rest of your collection or showcase your best hard covers. No matter what genre you like, you can find bookends that suit your taste. You can browse themed bookends like Game of Thrones or more general characters like knights and horses.

Funko Pops of your favorite characters

Funko Pops of your favorite literary characters are another fun way to decorate your bookshelf. There are funko pops for almost every imaginable book fetish. You don’t have to sacrifice shelf space for your books as they can stand in front of or above your books.

This one is for the minimalist bookworm

If your book collection is on the small side, you can add a bit of decoration with a Funko Pop or two and a vase.

Built-in bookcase decor ideas

We all agree that bigger is better when it comes to bookcases. If you’re one of the lucky ones with the space for multiple bookcases, you can decorate your shelves with a little bit of everything. Stand some of your books at an outward angle, stacked and upright with the spines exposed so your bookshelf is ready to use right out of the box. Then add some candles, bookends, and funk pops.

Floating bookshelves

Floating bookshelves are a great way to tidy up your space when you don’t have room for a standing bookshelf. This type of bookcase is a clever solution for apartment residents who don’t want to give up their book addiction. You can add a potted plant for a little decoration.

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Want to see more bookshelf decorating ideas? Discover unique bookends like petrified wood, squids (yes they exist), and dragons. No matter how big or shaped your bookshelf is, the new decor for 2021 will have you Instagram ready in no time!