America: the movie is the latest project from Matt Thompson who works on animated classics like Archer and Sealab 2021. However, one of his most popular titles is that of Adult Swim Playful dingo, which despite its short duration has become a cult classic and, due to its electoral history, which drew comparisons with the US presidential election in 2016, was seen as ahead of its time. For Thompson, the show still holds up and there’s even an Easter egg in there America for fans of the show.

“I’ve done a lot of television, comedy, and adult television over the past 20 years. Some hold and some don’t, ”Thompson told ComingSoon. “I can still watch Playful dingo and go: ‘That’s decent.’ The main character in Playful dingo is basically Archer and Killer Mike in it and a bunch of other stuff, but I can still go back to this show and think it’s pretty decent. I’ll even say we brought back for fans of Playful dingo, we even brought our version of the Xtacles into this story. For me, Samuel Adams, the inventor of beer, is the brother, and when we meet him he is surrounded by all his brothers. For me we treated these fraternity brothers like the Xtacles. In fact, I had the guys who were still on my staff who voiced the Xtacles, these frat brothers who were yelling at Sam Adams in the background. “

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Thompson is also very grateful for the success of Floyd County Productions and for still working with almost everyone who has made Playful dingo.

“[I’m] I am very fortunate, as a cartoon maker, to work with almost all of the same people in the hierarchy of organization that I have had for the past 20 years. You mentioned Playful dingo, almost every single one of these people who did this show with me still works for me. You are still here. You’re still at it. Eric Sims was the producer. Eric was there Playful dingo. Casey Willis is still here. He runs Archer. Neal Holman, he’s one of those guys in this scene, he’s still here. He’s hosting a show for Hulu called Hit monkey. The luck is to have the stability and be able to do this job in America when a lot of the animations are no longer in the United States, and so I’m just surrounded by my old friends and we sit there and we pick each one, we take our jokes apart, and it is a comfort to be able to say terrible things to us.

“It’s just… I know people say that and I don’t want to do that, Dom [Toretto] meme right now, but it’s a family we’ve been together for so long. I value each and every one of them and they make me better. You make us all better. Together we are better, stronger. I think that is also the main message of the film, which is that if we listen to everyone, we are better. If we’ve listened to immigrants, people of color, men and women alike, and to the company we’ve built, we’ll all try to keep that up. “