Matthew E. White and Lonnie Holley have announced a new album together. It’s called Broken Mirror: A Selfie Reflection, and it’s arriving April 9th ​​via White’s Spacebomb Records and Jagjaguwar. Below is a new song called “This Here Jungle of Moderness / Composition 14.”

White and Holley first played together in 2019, when the Spacebomb founder and his crew of Richmond musicians supported the Alabama artists for a performance in the Virginia capital. Recalling a number of instrumentals he recorded with the same musicians over the past year, White invited Holley to write and record on the tracks that make up Broken Mirror.

Broken Mirror: A Selfie Reflection::

01 This Here Jungle of Modernity / Composition 14
02 Broken Mirror (A Selfie Reflection) / Composition 9
03 I cried space dust / Composition 12
04 I don’t stumble / composition 8
05 get up! Come on, go with me / Composition 7