Maxo Kream is back with his first new solo single in almost two years. The Houston rapper’s latest song is called “Local Joker” and comes with a new music video directed by Notachance. Watch it below.

“Local Joker” is produced by Kal Banx and Mario Luciano. The single artwork shown below indicates that it will appear on Maxo Kream’s next album. As the artwork suggests, “Local Joker” is reminiscent of Maxo Kream’s brother Mmadu Chukwuemeka “Money Du” Biosah, who was shot in March 2020. Maxo Kream previously paid tribute to Money Du in the music video for his Brandon Banken follow “Brothers”.

In a press release, Maxo Kream said:

“Local Joker” explains where I am right now in my life. I love Houston, I’m from Houston. My merch is centered on Houston. My music has a strong influence on Houston – everything is Houston, it’s local. You can catch me with the local jokers in any part of Houston – but at the same time, I’m not a local joker because I’ve grown and expanded the territory I touch. But home will always be home – and that’s Houston, Alief fasho!

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