Erin Birgy announced her new Mega Bog album with a video for her new song “Station to Station”. Life and Another will be available on July 23rd through Paradise of Bachelors. The vinyl release is scheduled for August 27th. The video for “Station to Station” was filmed by Birgy and Laura Conway and filmed in the Paint Mines of Colorado. Check it out below.

About the video, Birgy said in a statement:

With this video we have tried to play with narratives of attachments and roles that important people play in our lives, how they transform, begin and end in mysterious points of space, time and feeling. Attachments are inevitable on some level but was this person one of the things we projected why and how did we create the narrative for what is necessary to survive and within the video this character was or was ever there at all do they appear because of something extraordinary that we found and ate in the dust?

Life and Another follows Mega Bogs LP Dolphine from 2019. The new LP was recorded at several studios on the West Coast: The Unknown in Anacortes, Washington, Way Out in Woodinville, Washington and Tropico Beauty in Glendale, California. The numerous instrumentalists include James Krivchenia of Big Thief and Meg Duffy of Hand Habits.

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Mega Bog: Life and one more thing

Life and another::

01 flower
02 station to station
03 Weight of the earth on paper
04 Crumbs back
05 butterfly
06 Life and one more thing
07 Maybe you died
08 Beagle in the cloud
09 Darmok
10 adorable
11 bull of heaven
12 obsidian lizard
13 Before a black tea
14 Ameleon