MGM in talks for Jake Gyllenhaal & Sam Hargraves Combat Control

With some films in the subgenre, Jake Gyllenhaal returns to the world of military drama when he will play the lead role Combat control With extraction Helper Sam Hargrave sat down according to the deadline on the chairmanship of the director and MGM in talks to purchase the package.

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Based on the New York Times bestselling novel by Dan Schilling and Lori Chapman Longfritz Alone at dawnThe plot is based on the true story of Air Force combat engineer John Chapman, who was killed in action during the war in Afghanistan in 2002. Fifteen years after his death, Air Force Captain Cora Alexander begins an investigation into the Medal of Honor to determine that the details regarding the hat came about on the snowy mountainside on which Chapman died and whether it is a worthy recipient. Having no eyewitnesses to his actions and the top secret world surrounding clandestine operations, Alexander has a difficult task ahead of him of uncovering the truth while finding her own path to self-forgiveness and personal salvation.

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Gyllenhaal will appear as Chapman, who received the Medal of Honor in August 2018 and whose story and details of the work of the Combat Controllers were allowed to be published by the US government. The film is the Oscar nominee’s fifth film to address a member of the military or the US government after 2005 Jarhead, 2007s reproduction, 2009 brothers and 2011 Source code.

Combat control is co-funded by Hideaway Entertainment with the label’s CEO Jonathan Gray, President Matthew Rhodes and VP Kristy Graham, all of whom are co-producing with Ron West of Thruline Entertainment, who brought the manuscript to Hideaway prior to its release, while Gyllenhaal and Ryan Cassells of Hideaway will be acting as executive producer and Hargrave’s longtime associate Shelby Malone as associate producer. The film marks a reunion with Gyllenhaal and Rhodes, who previously worked on the Oscar nomination together Mothwhen he served as President of Bold Films.

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Gyllenhaal currently has an exciting dance card in the works with projects currently filming the actioner directed by Michael Bay ambulance next to Eiza Gonzalez (Baby driver) and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (Guardian) and is currently reuniting with Denis Villeneuve for the third time on the HBO series The son after this Prisoners and enemy and recently reunited with South paw Director Antoine Fuqua for the Netflix crime thriller The guilty, which finished filming in the winter and was scheduled for release in late 2021.

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