Last year, John Jewel of Chromatics and John Eatherly of Public Access TV launched a new project called Club Intl. Today they shared a new song called “Never Be the Same” as well as a remix of the track by MGMT’s Andrew VanWyngarden. Hear both versions of the song below.

In a press release, John Eatherly said:

It’s so interesting and exciting to have an artist you respect and reinterpret your work in a way that you may never have heard or thought of yourself. Aside from great taste and a knack for getting the sounds to hit your ears just right, what both Andrew and Johnny have in common is that they march to the beat of their own drums. That is the quality that I look up to most in musicians. It is a dream to work with them on one track.

Club Intl will release its debut album In the Attic on May 14th via Johnny Jewels Italians Do It Better. According to a press release, Eatherly wrote and recorded the album with Jewel at the producer’s home studio in Los Angeles.