Michael Keaton’s Batman Confirms Returning For The Flash!

After a month of emotional hurricanes for fans, from new appointments to the possible need for further rewriting, the long-awaited DC Extended Universe excursion with Ezra Miller-Front took place The Lightning is finally filming in London, but what’s even more exciting is that The Wrap has confirmed that Michael Keaton will indeed return as Batman for the film.

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Keaton’s return has been one that has gone back and forth since it was first announced he was in talks for it. The latest word came from the actor himself in an interview in which he expressed doubts about participating in the project because he had concerns about traveling while traveling the global pandemic and had not read the current draft of the script despite his agency having confirmed that he’ll be in the movie.

The Lightning, the most recent draft of which was written by birds of preyChristina Hodson will adapt the legendary “Flashpoint” storyline and see the Scarlet Speedster travel back in time to prevent his mother’s murder, only to accidentally splinter the future into a new timeline in which Keaton’s 30-year-old Batman protects it.

Next to Miller, who portrayed the hero in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the theater Justice League, suicide squad and the CW’s Crisis on infinite earths Crossover Event and Keaton, the cast of the film, will see the return of Kiersey Clemons as Barry Allen’s love interest Iris West and Ben Affleck’s iteration of The Dark Knight, as well as Ron Livingston, who stands in for Billy Crudup as Henry Allen, Maribel VerdĂș as Nora Allen and aspiring Sasha Calle as supergirl.

The Lightning has been in development since 2014, taking various storylines into account, before landing on Geoff John’s and Andy Kubert’s “Flashpoint” in 2017 and taking on the same title before reverting to their current title and a number of directors have come and go, including Seth Grahame -Smith (Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter), Rick Famuyiwa (The Mandalorian) and John Francis Daley & Jonathan Goldstein (Game night).

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Which Ezra Miller led lightning Film is directed by ITAndy Muschietti and Executive Producer of Marianne Jenkins with Michael Disco and Barbara Muschietti as producers. The current release date is planned for November 4, 2022.