Mogwais As the Love Continues is the # 1 album in the UK. It is the Scottish rock group’s first chart topper in the band’s 25-year career. Mogwai beat the grime artist Ghett for the top spot. Fans of the band (including noted music fan and Lord of the Rings actor Elijah Wood) urged to support the group in advance of the final weekly chart out today. Below is a photo of Mogwai with the award for the number 1.

“We are incredibly happy to have the # 1 album in the UK,” Mogwai frontman Stuart Braithwaite said in a statement. “We’d like to thank everyone at Rock Action Records – both of you – and especially everyone who bought, downloaded, and streamed the album and supported us over the past week and 25 years. It’s something we are amazed at. We are surprised by the support, kindness and generosity of everyone. “

Braithwaite continued:

It’s been 25 years since we released our first single “Tuner / Lower” this week, the first release on our own Rock Action Records label. We didn’t found the band or the label to get into the charts. Neither of us ever imagined that the band or label would be able to have a # 1 record.

We started the label with a £ 400 loan from my current brother-in-law. [Drummer] Martin [Bulloch]The folks of us helped us generously by paying for the studio to record the songs. We were just kids making an amazing noise and wanting to play our record on John Peel. Amazingly, John played the record and one thing led to another to get us to where we are right now. It’s been an incredible journey to make music together over the last quarter of a century, to take us to places we never dreamed of and to play our music in front of more people than we had ever imagined.

As the Love Continues is Mogwai’s 10th studio album after Every Country’s Sun from 2017. The band contributed the 2018 soundtrack to the action film Kin.

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