The Atlanta rapper Mulatto has officially changed her name to Latto. She also shared her first solo single under the new name. Below, listen to “The Biggest” – produced by Supah Mario and Akachi.

In “The Biggest”, Latto mentions her name change and knocks: “It contradicted what I stand for / The backlash is not what I planned.” She also raps, “Misunderstood so I made it official.”

In an interview with Hot Freestyle in January, Latto said of the name change: “You know, you may know your intentions, but these are strangers who don’t know you, have never met you in person. So you have to listen to each other, and when you know that these are not your intentions and that is how it is perceived, it is as if you are not making any change or changing them. For me it was the name. Now I say, “OK, my intention was never to be a mulatto.”