The world of NCIS gets bigger and bigger in the coming years as CBS has been officially renewed NCIS: Los Angeles and ordered a new series, NCIS: Hawaiifor a future version.

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NCIS: Hawaii will be the first NCIS Franchise with a female lead. As for NCIS: Los AngelesThis is season 13 for the long-running program with no signs of stopping.

With the return of NCIS: Los Angeles Official stars LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell will also return alongside executive producer / showrunner R. Scott Gemmill. NCIS: Hawaii Reports say the first female special agent in charge of NCIS Pearl Harbor and her team will be in attendance as the group investigates a variety of crimes involving the military, national security, and Hawaii itself. The series is created and produced by Executive NCIS: New Orleans Executive producers / showrunners Christopher Silver and Jan Nash, with Marine special unit Writer and producer Matt Bosack also joined the series.

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The NCIS series, like the original, was extremely lucrative for CBS NCIS The series is still going strong in its 19th season. His recent endeavor NCIS: New Orleans, recently ended its seven-year run and is expected to be replaced by the upcoming one NCIS: Hawaii.